The nice things people say about me.


Matt's the fastest designer in the west... his ability to execute a concept is second to none. Be it digital, print or branding, Matt's the guy for the job. I've collaborated with Matt numerous times from a UX perspective on apps and he really pushes the boundaries of creativity whilst creating usable interactions. I would definitely work with him in the future.

Adrian Van Cooten
Senior UX Designer (YunoJuno UX Designer of the Year 2015)

Matt is a strong all round designer, whether producing for print, web or native apps. His speed when creating layouts and mockups can only be compared to a flash of lightening and the quality of his finished output speaks entirely for itself. I would not hesitate in recommending Matt and hope to work with him again in the future.

Alex Greaves
Senior Designer @ Frankly Nonsense

I worked side by side with Matt at Forever Beta for 9 or 10 months and can safely say he is a good egg. Very comfortable in an advertising environment with skills in working with print and digital. He can also turn his hand to branding projects and has been working on the visual side of app design. He has a good work ethic and will work with the accounts team and creatives to define the brief before cracking on with the design at a tasty speed. I would work with him again.

Noel Leeman
Digital Designer/Creative - (YunoJuno Freelancer of the Year 2015)

I worked with Matt for seven months and it was great to have someone on my side that understands digital and how to iterate visual designs and prototypes to find the best solution. He is a pleasure to work with and I like the other reviews say, he is the fastest designer ever. I'd work with him again anytime.

Juan Mediavilla
Head of UX Design at RAPP

Matt is a solid designer. He is competent, quick and has a keen eye for design. Matt hit the ground running, quickly understanding the problems that needed to be solved and tackled them head on. Matt was confident juggling numerous projects, ranging from full redesigns of existing web and app properties, to conceptual projects and branding. Snap him up.

Lee Kennedy
Product Manager at Bauer Media